The affordable 2020 Mini Cooper SE electric car is on Sale

The affordable 2020 Mini Cooper SE electric car is on Sale
The new Mini Cooper full electric car is affordable on top of that it’s on sale now

Planning to buy an electric car at a reasonable price then here is a piece of information for you, Mini Cooper has announced the sale for its new electric car,
the 2020 Mini Cooper SE. if we see the price range then it is giving competition to Nissan Leaf and Hyundai Ioniq EV.  The starting price of this car will be $30,750 to $40,000.state incentives are offered for the $7,500 one-time federal tax credit applied to electric car buyers in California.

The price of this affordable Mini Cooper has been dropped to around $18,750. That is a great deal for you to buy now in our personal experience. They will charge you a $500 reservation payment if you pre-order this 2020 Mini Cooper electric car. The car will be delivered to your doorstep from next year because they don’t have enough stock right now, and the demand is high in the market. This pandemic is affecting the production but the sale is started already. Let’s see the specifications of the car.

Efficiency, Range, and Charging

The Mini Cooper SE  electric car is supplied with a 32.6-kWh battery pack, with 28.9-kWh usable. EPA range does not have exact numbers yet but it is around 110 miles of range. This electric car is capable of up to 50-kW DC  quick charging with its CCS plug. This affordable Mini Cooper has an 80% charging capacity when starting from 0%  in about 35 minutes which is better than early tapering like other electric cars. other electric cars do. If your demand is in favor of not a huge battery then this car can be cheaper and lighter for you. This electric car offers 120 V occasional used cable with Turbocord for 240 V charging.consider the performance then it this car can reach 60mph in 6.9 seconds.


Design and practicality

The company has done some changes in the exterior part with the new Cooper, they want the car to look more electric. The mirrors come in gray and yellow this will be the offering options. If we talk about the practicality then this new Cooper SE is an improved one due to the rear seats. The cargo space in the rear is also present. 

The mini Cooper SE is offering great service coverage and warranty in the US

  • 100,000 high-voltage warranty/8 years
  • Unlimited mileage rust perforation limited warranty for 12 years
  • Unlimited mileage roadside assistance program/4 year
  • 36,000 mileage scheduled maintenance/3 years

Would this New Cooper Work for you?

This Mini Cooper SE  is a great electric second car. For household purposes, this will be the first car. This company is offering you Cooper SE at a reasonable price. Mini Cooper is more convenient to park and avoid those noisy engines. It will be a great car meant for families with multiple cars and drivers and a major advantage is it produces zero tailpipe emission.