Apple Plans the Production of its Electric Car in 2024

Apple Plans the Production of its Electric Car in 2024

Apple already has a different and successful customer base for its iPhones, now, the company is looking forward to expanding its services into a new segment that is cars. They have set the goal to start the production of cars in 2024.


According to Reuters Apple is going to design an its-all new battery that directly reduces the cost of batteries by increasing the vehicle’s range. The company is going to feature the next level of battery technology. Apple hasn’t decided if they need the actual manufacturing partner or they are doing it alone.

The brand specifies the production as “two people familiar with the effort” which means this new production car is going to capture personal, mass-market instead of dealing with commercial or robotaxi like Google’s Waymo. Apple first started to plan with a project called “Project Titan”   this project is originated in 2014.

Apple which is known for revolutionizing smartphones has announced the direct competition with Tesla and other Detroit auto manufacturers like Chrysler and GM. Due to this pandemic, the automakers are dealing with supply chain issues that’s why there are chances of this production to get delayed till 2025.


There is a rumor that the company is working with outside partners for the sensors like lidar sensors that helps the self-driving cars by displaying a three-dimensional view of the road. The company is also consulting with the EV producer company that is Magna, which makes electric vehicles for several companies in the market.

Apple plans the mono cell design for its car’s battery which frees up the space inside the battery pack by removing pouches and modules which is useful for holding battery materials and fills the individual cell. Overall the purpose of this design is that the car offers you a longer range.

The brand has planned to use lithium iron phosphates batteries that do not overheat like other lithium-ion batteries. Apple has already gained success with their phones, we are expecting the same in terms of cars. The company has to be ready to compete with the high-tech automotive manufacturers i.e. TESLA, GM, or more.