Volkswagen Atlas Has Been Named Best Family Car For 2021

Volkswagen Atlas Has Been Named Best Family Car For 2021

From the world of news and information, it has been lately spoken out and verbalized heavily that the tantalizing and appeasing shift and movement made by the Volkswagen Atlas has done it all and bagged a bag to carry the accolade of the best family car of 2021.


With a spacious cargo and third-row seating, the ride quality has been stated as buttery and smooth in all its measures and even the quotient of handling made the car earn, by the sweat of its brow, the insignia of being called as the ‘best family car’.


Not just in the current year but late back in the calendar year of 2018 the car felt the clouds of happiness with the dazzling thunder of being called as ‘best 3-row SUV’ car.


Boggling down the likes of Ford Expedition and Kia Telluride, the foyer of competition has again set out a powerful and an iconic appearance and not just the car, going idle with the tag of the best family car, but even the ‘awe-struck’ situation prevailing with the judges made the car be tapped with the best of all.


In the professional words discharged by the CEO of Volkswagen, Scott Keogh, he spoke it out of ‘soul-solacing-scenario’ that traveled their way with ‘Germanic Automotive Story’, the Volkswagen, that the success they just received engraved it hard on the milestones that ‘Volkswagen’ established a world of difference.


With a staggering and marvelous inclusion of 8 trims all-in-all, 2 major powertrains, 2.0 liter, 4 cylinders turbocharged engine, and a VR6, 3.6-liter engine.


The freshest of all is the talk of ‘Volkswagen’ giving away 4 cylinder engine in the top trims that can be hooked with the 4Motion with either of the engines.


With the advancement of technology and interior upgrades, and an MSRP of $31, 545 with a 2.0 liter S Model, the newly tapped driver assistance features and augmented reality of powertrain is what’s most exclusive in the facade of the Volkswagen Atlas 2021.