Toyota Debut its Fifth-Gen Sports Car Toyota Supra

Toyota Debut its Fifth-Gen Sports Car Toyota Supra

Due to this pandemic, Toyota’s most popular car SEMA360 show got shifted from a big event to an online event. Still, Japanese Auto manufacturers didn’t lose their hope and put its new fifth-generation GR Supra on display with the name called GR Supra Sports Top. 

This sports car has been converted into a complete piece of art. Before Supra comes in the category of trim level for Toyota Celica. Now, Supra is a group project. Apart from the debut news, we have also found that the new Supra became a joint project with BMW.

This new car resumes its journey from heritage edition and inspired you to enjoy the impressive outdoors. This new Toyota lacks a bar through the center of the roof because the GR Supra top is not actually a T-top. 

The teasers of this car are only available in Autoguide notes, still, we can see the computer sketch in the videos. These sketches give an idea about the rear windows, whether it is enlarged or the black space is needed to make the lines similar to Targa. 

The whole artwork is featured by Nicolai Sclater also known as Ornamental Conifer. Currently, this Supra is available in a 3.0-liter inline-six turbocharged motor that generates 382 horsepower and lies in the luxury sports car. 


Toyota Supra offers agile handling, punchy acceleration, and quick steering that supports the car on curvy roads. The interior is impressive and modern but it’s too dark from inside.

 As we already mentioned that this Supra is sharing the platform with BMW Z4. so they both have almost similar features like four and six-cylinder engine options and other drivetrain and chassis components.

The new Toyota is a fixed-roof coupe, and handling is a bit sharper than the Z4. The 2021 Toyota Supra starts at $43,000 whereas Z4 costs you around $50,000. This price of Supra is defined for the base trim level, if you want upgraded features like Supra’s inline-six engine then the additional price will be $8000. 

Still, it undercuts the competition including the Chevrolet Corvette and Porsche Cayman. Let’s see now what supra fans and automotive enthusiasts think of this car.