Top Seven Luxury Hybrid Vehicles – Top-Class Features and Specifications

Top Seven Luxury Hybrid Vehicles – Top-Class Features and Specifications

Hybrid cars since 2010 are preferred over normal cars that run on gasoline. Hybrid cars are basically combined with two forms of engines. The gasoline combusts engine and electric engine. The addition of an electric engine is the reason that these cars emit less carbon. Thus contributing less to pollution. Being the go-to option if you are looking for Luxury with less pollution.


There are three types of hybrid cars in the market.

  1. Full Hybrid – can run on a combust engine or electric or a combination of both.
  2. Mild-hybrid – The engine can run only with the combination of combust and electrical.
  3. Plug-in Hybrid – can run only in electrical mode.

Lexus ES 300h


It’s a Lexus model sedan with a high fuel economy. This luxurious car comes in a quite nice price pocket of $41-45k. Being Hybrid with 2.5 L 4 cylinders it is extremely fuel-efficient.


The performance may not be for the demanding ones. But beats the mainstream Hybrid sedans like Hyundai Sonata and Ford Fusion. It comes with 44mpg in the combine. And it marks up its own series EPA rating.


It’s definitely luxurious, well-built, and a comfortable 5 seater. This sedan has a magnificent assembly of standard equipment.  It comes in three trims, all being 215 hp @5700 rpm. Basic, Luxury, and Ultra Luxury.

Acura MDX


This MDX is a three-row hybrid crossover SUV. Being the least expensive SUV of just around $55k – $60k. Furthermore fuel-efficient with a comfortable, spacious, and quite fun to ride.


It keeps its luxury credentials thoroughly. The trim of the car has upgraded leather, surround-view parking, and the much useful USB port in all three rows. The infotainment interface is a split between dash controlled and a touch screen. Both are snobbish. But if you are okay with a strange setup it’s a great deal for your pocket.


The two trims are equipped with 3L six cylinders with 7 speed automated manual. They come with 321hp @6300 rpm. The hybrid version has two trims: Advance and Technology.

Lexus RX 450h


Lexus is the top luxurious car for its impressive interiors. It’s a midsize SUV with 5 seaters. It ranges from $45k – $53k according to the trim you are looking for.


The new headlights and bumper give it the new sophisticated look. It has also upgraded to the trackpad from its mouse-like controller. Although the cargo space and acceleration are a bit of a disappointment.


The two trims are basic and F Sport. Both are equipped with a 3.5 L six-cylinder hybrid CVT. Composed of 308hp with 6000rpm. Altogether, it has a city mpg of 31 and a Highway of 28.

Lexus LC 500h


This LC 500h is definitely the distinctive-looking coupe. It comes with a 3.4 L V6 with two motors and a lithium-ion battery pack. Being a hybrid it’s very fuel-efficient.


This four-seater comes in the range of $98k. Altogether it’s a great deal as it is a supremely smooth ride with well-advocated interiors. And offers a good array of standard features.


Though it has only one trim and compared to others it has fewer customization options. Also, the combined mileage is 29mpg.  Its transmission is continuous with variable speed automated. And a 354 horsepower with 6600rpm.

Lexus NX 300h


This Lexus model comes with appealing high-tech safety features. A good small SUV for the price of $40k – $50k. The driver space is quite spacious and comfortable.


The fuel economy is also an add on. In addition to the updates, it has a lane-keeping assist, lane departure warning, and forward collision mitigation.


Although the disappointment is the cargo space and tech. The infotainment system has too many buttons and has a difficult to use touch-pad. Still, this 5 seater gives a combined 30mpg for city and highway. Runs with 2.5L four-cylinder giving 194 horsepower with 5700rpm.

Lexus UX 250h


UX 250h is a fuel-efficient compact SUV. It is highly affordable considering it’s a luxurious car. It ranges from $35k to $40k.


The high-quality interior is the stand out feature. In addition, it has leather upholstery and adaptive cruise control. With a head-up display and a hands-free liftgate.


But the car has no pace to it. It’s run by a 2.0L 4 cylinder hybrid CVT. With the horsepower of 181 at the rate of 6000rpm.  At last, this 5 seater gives a combined 42mpg. This Compact SUV comes in three levels of Trims: basic, F Sport and Luxury.

Acura RLX


This Acura’s RLX is a well-made sedan, comes with a strong engine and loads of standard features. This 5 seater which comes in $62k has a comfortable interior.


In addition to that, it has a spacious cabin and setting especially for rear passengers. That being said, the ride quality is not equal to other luxury cars. The infotainment system is very outdated and confusing to have.


It is a 3.5L 6 cylinder hybrid 7 AM. With 28 mpg for city and 29 for the highway. Composed of 377hp with a rate of 6500 rpm. This makes it good for the buyers to enter the luxury segment.