6 Tips for Improving Gas Mileage

6 Tips for Improving Gas Mileage

Now-a-days owning a vehicle is a necessity rather than a privilege. Most of us prefer to have their own vehicle than to waste precious amount of time in a crowded public transportation. A vehicle is a functional part of our daily life and also if one wants to spend some time with their family in an adventurous road trips. All in all we can’t deny the convenience owning a vehicle offers us. However, having a car of your own and its maintenance are two completely different things. As if this was not enough, we have to struggle with the regularly surging costs or petrol or diesel. Where the modern technology has offered us electric and hybrid cars which has way better mileage than any other ordinary cars, this is not for everyone considering their high cost of buying. So what do we do who do not own a fancy hybrid or a Tesla car? Well, we have some tips for you to try and improve your gas mileage of your car to help you with the egress of valued money from your bank account.

Do not Stress your Pedal

Most of us loves the thrill it comes with driving at an outrageously high speeds, unleashing our sped demons on the road thinking they are F1 driver or something. But this is not the smartest way to save your fuel. When we try to go 0 – 60 mph under 5 seconds or 10 seconds, it burns more fuel than usual. More work will have to be done in order to provide more speed if you go fast which will result in more than usual consumption of fuel. Do not stop abruptly as this sudden change in acceleration will burn more fuel. So, it is wise to go easy on your pedal to save some fuel and in turn some money.

Stick To Your Car’s Recommended Fuel Type

It is very important to strictly adhere to the type of fuel recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer. The reason is simple. The manufacturers test their vehicles, before launching it, to ensure the best performance using the most ideal type of fuel. So is your car manual recommend a certain type of fuel for your vehicle, then believe that they know what they are saying and just adhere to them and you will make some savings in your account.

Watch the Cargo Weight in Your Vehicle

It is common for people to try to squeeze as much cargo in their car trunk as they possibly can to try to economize. But, by doing so we are only increasing the weight of the vehicle which in turns put more unnecessary strain on the vehicle’s engine making it harder to work. This will eat up your gas mileage and you won’t be able to do much more economising because you will have to deal with your low gas mileage problems and high cost petrol. So, the smart thing to do would be to try and not push Gross Vehicle Weight Rating to its limit and you will be good to go.

Inflation of Tyres

Inflation of tyres to the correct pressure will do you wonders in improving your gas mileage. Driving around on tyre having low pressure increases the rolling resistance of tyres on the ground surface which result in considerably high consumption of fuel to help your vehicle with low tyre pressure. So, it is probably the best idea to get your tyre pressure checked once in a while as low rolling resistance of tyre will help you on road by rolling on the surface of the road effortlessly in turn improving the gas mileage of your vehicle.

Online Researching for Best Petrol deals

It is a clever thing to utilize your easily available online resources to look for best deals on fuel and research which one suits your budget best. It is not a rare thing for different organisations to provide a discount coupon which can be used by consumer during their nest refuel in exchange for buying their other services or providing you with points which can be utilized on your next refuel. Now, this will not improve your gas mileage but will substantially reduce your money spent on high cost fuels in turn helping you try to avoid the dent in your bank account

Morning Refuelling Benefits

Yes, refuelling in the mornings instead of towards the end of the day can help you save a couple of dollars which might not seem much but in long run can help you save a lot of money. The reason being the physical properties of petroleum products. Due to temperature difference between mornings and nights, we usually get less than 1 gallon because the gas has already expanded giving you an actual volume of less than a gallon.