Protection towards scratches: Use the Clear Bra For Your Car

Protection towards scratches: Use the Clear Bra For Your Car

What is a Clear Bra (Paint Protection Film)?

Clear Bra is an invisible paint protection film that is made from ultra-rugged urethane(chemical). Its main function is to protect your vehicle from road sand that would cause permanent damage.

Purchasing a car is an investment that can only be saved with great and effective maintenance. If you neglect your car maintenance then it can lead to extra expenses and costly repairs. You think cleaning and washing on time is maintenance then you are wrong. So, you need to know the importance of installing a clear bra film.

Let See some advantages of installing a clear bra film:

Protects Car Paint From Debris (sand, dirt, and dust):

The main benefit of the clear bra is it helps in protecting the car paint from dust, dirt, and bird droppings. However, bird droppings do not affect the car’s paint but frequent droppings affect the car’s paint.

The Protection film is capable of saving your car from road salt.

Low Maintenance:

It can be easily maintained. If you find dust or dirt on the film then you can easily remove it using some water. Other films, it is impossible to clear the dust without taking off the car protection films.

Protected Finishing:

As previously point, a car protection film can save your vehicle from any dirt and dust. If all such hassles are not protected on time then it can cause car damage like marks and scratches on it. Protection can provide you relaxation while keeping your vehicle safe on the road.

Increased Value:

Keeping your car new is only possible if you use car protection films are implemented. So, if you want to keep your vehicle in a new condition for a long time then go with this protection film. It will offer you a higher price when you are looking to sell because it will be scratches-free, and protected from environmental dirt and dust.

How to install and what tools are needed to your install your Clear Bra:

To install your Clear Bra you will need the proper tools. It is recommended that you purchase the same tools that the professionals use. Most of the installation tools can be purchased in the store. The other tools can be found at local stores.

Some tools are:

  • Oz Spray Bottles
  • Microfiber Towel
  • Baby Shampoo
  • Black Turbo Squeegee
  • Olfa SAC1 Knife
  • 70% Isopropyl

Install Clear Bra Kit:

Before you Install your new Clear Bra Kit. Inspect the parts kit. Holding the kit up to the vehicle and making sure the pattern is correct. You want to map it out in your head that how to install kit. This will make the actual installation of the Clear Bra easier.

 Each clear bra kit is custom cut to the exact vehicle. Kits require that the exact year, make, model and sub-model are correct. Each installation is unique to the vehicle that is to be protected. Clear Bra Kits are cut using art software and top of the line plotters.

Install Clear Bra Kit

Step by Step installation:

  1. The surface must be clean, free of wax, grease, bugs, etc. Clean surface with an alcohol solution.
  2. Clean your hands and keep your fingers wet, as they will come in contact with the sticky side of the material and wet fingers will not stick to the material and leave marks.
  3. Check part position, shape, and size.
  4. Spray solution on the vehicle surface area.
  5. Pull protective liner back to expose sticky. Spray with a solution. Position paint protection film on the vehicle.
  6. Spray the solution on the paint protection film so squeegee will not scratch the film. Squeegee out a solution and any bubbles.
  7. Re-wet the sticky and slowly squeegee again with firm pressure. The material will stretch. Some pieces will require stretching to obtain a proper fit.
  8. If any edge has lifted or does not stay down, spray with a solution of 20% isopropyl alcohol and 50% water, and work down the edge with a lint-free paper towel. The towel will absorb the liquid. So, the material will keep to the painted surface. if you give a few minutes to dry, it will stay down.


Q. What is the costing paint protection film?

Ans. If the paint is not in good condition, this cost can range around $800.

Q.Paint protection film how long does it last?

Ans. A professionally installed Paint Protection Film (PPF) should be the last 10 years.