Mercedes unveils a 56-inch MBUX Hyperscreen for EQS

Mercedes unveils a 56-inch MBUX Hyperscreen for EQS

Mercedes always comes up in the list of luxury features cars, and to remain in that list it keeps upgrading its features. In 2018, Mercedes revealed the user experience (MBUX) for its A-class, and it got a huge acceptance in the market. Now, Mercedes has revealed a 56-inch MBUX Hyperscreen that will take the full cabin width of its EQS luxury EV. 

Mercedes EQS is similar to its S class Sedan. For EQS the company is taking this screen technology to the next level. The hyper screen comes up with a massive interface. It includes the instrument cluster, infotainment, and passenger display in a flawless design. The analog air vents are integrated into a digital surface that’s why we can’t say that the hyper screen is all digital. 

The panel offers three separate displays, they use curved OLED that is covered in the anti-reflective Gorilla Glass with an auto-adjust brightness feature. The entire display is energized by a quad-core computer. This system also uses artificial intelligence so that it can understand the user’s needs and common activities with the zero-layer interface.


The “zero-layer interface” means that a customer can access all the lists by avoiding the scroll menus and voice commands. The display is covered with two coatings over the cover plate of the interface. The company has also fixed the twelve unique haptic engines under the display so that the system understands the command of the user.

The hyper screen is painted in silver shadow for a premium look. The passenger who sits in the front seat is allowed to operate the hyper screen on their display and can access up to seven profiles that display individual choice. The colors of the graphics are set in new blue and orange. The functions of EV mode are also visualized freshly.

Mercedes hasn’t revealed the official arrival date of the EQS with impressive display features, we are expecting it to be debut in the spring until we can just imagine this massive infotainment system.