Mazda Launches Hybrid MX-30 with Rotary Range Extender

Mazda Launches Hybrid MX-30 with Rotary Range Extender

Mazda was not leading in the race of electric cars before but now it starts working on electric cars to lead in the competition. Mazda is finally introducing its first electric car in the market. MX-30 SUV is going to display in the market soon. Last year in the Tokyo Autoshow the manufacturers revealed Mazda’s first electric car MX-30. The production of this SUV was going to begin in early 2020, but due to this pandemic, the time got pushed. The main feature of this new SUV is that this car is bringing its rotary range exterior back in the market.

This is going to be the first model of Mazda which is available with a rotary engine. This electric crossover has a clean exterior design available with a coupe-like roofline. Pre-booking of this new crossover has already begun for European buyers. We are finally happy to announce the comeback of the rotary range extender and this is going to reach in the U.S. market soon.

Mazda hasn’t announced the performance, fuel economy, and horsepower yet. But we are expecting this car to be quicker than other previous models. Although, Mazda claims this car will give high-quality driving feel with smooth acceleration. the size of this new Mazda is similar to CX-3. This is the first time the Japanese have gained the work experience of an all-electric powertrain.

The new Mazda MX-30 is available with front-wheel drive as MX-30 has one electric motor. This hybrid model is installed with a small, 35.5-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery pack that provides you a 124-miles range. This new hybrid Mazda will display in the showroom from January in Japan. The  Mazda MX-30 is going to share the same platform with Mazda 3 and CX-3. 

Moreover, this Mazda MX-30 has a seven-inch screen in the center and an 8.8-inch driver info display, we are expecting that it will display Mazda’s latest infotainment system like 3 Sedan and hatchback. There is a digital panel for the MX-30 car settings, available with secondary display sprouts from the dashboard that supports the infotainment features.all the recycled materials are set up to finalize the cabin,  as the company recycled PET bottles for the door trim. 

Till now we haven’t received the information about the number of trim they are going to offer but we are expecting four trims starting from the base model to the luxurious model. Mazda shares the same powertrain performance and same sort of doors like RX-8 and RX-9 sports car. The other electric models are more expensive than the hybrid MX-30. As per the pricing, the base price of the 2WD electric model starts with $22,830 and if we consider the AWD model then it will cost you around $25,000. On the contrary, the list of availability of Mazda MX-30 for the various countries hasn’t been announced yet.