Lamborghini Urus | Fastest SUVs in the world

Lamborghini Urus | Fastest SUVs in the world

Lamborghini is a brand which has never surprised us to launch its best model every year with the updated specifications and involved technologies.

And, ‘Urus’ is another big example of an amazing car to leave you awestruck with its driving experience. A perfect blend of a thrilling sports car and a durable SUV including the DNA of Lamborghini is what you can expect in this exclusive ultimate car.

Outstanding performance, sports origins, strength, pure Lamborghini design, safety, stunning interior, and exterior is what Urus serves you like an SUV with the sense of a sports car.

One of the fastest SUV in the world

Loaded with extreme power:

  • 650 horsepower
  • 62mph in 3.6 seconds
  • 4 L twin –turbocharged V8 engine

Ultimately with the top speed of 190 mp, it is considered as one of the fastest SUV.

Keeping in mind all the features given above, here are some specifications to get insights clear:


Max speed 305 km/h
Acceleration 0-100 Km/h 3.6 s
Acceleration 0-200 Km/h 12.8 s
Braking 100-0 Km/h 33.7 m

Engine and Transmission

Number of Cylinders 8
Displacement 3,996cm3
Broke x Stroke 86×86 mm
Max power 650 CV @6,000 rpm
Max stroke 850 nm
Maximum Engine Speed 6,800 rpm
Transmission Type Four-wheel drive with limited slip differential and asymmetric torque distribution

Wheels and braking system

Standard Rims- Front 9.5Jx21″ ET28
Standard Rims- Rear 10.5Jx21″ ET18
Tires-Front 285/45 ZR21
Tires-Rear 315/40 ZR21
Brakes Front aluminum 10 piston brake calipers. Single-piston rear calipers.
Front Brakes Carbon Ceramic Brakes-diameter: 440mm, thickness: 40mm
Rear Brakes Carbon Ceramic Brakes-diameter: 370mm, thickness: 30mm


Combined 12,7 l/100 km
C02 emission 325 g/km
Emission Law Reg. EU 715/2007

Still pondering over the choice?

Although the brand itself is an answer to make it the best choice but ‘Urus’ is the colossal standard to justify this answer. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, it provides the most comprehensive standard driving dynamics serving as SUV.


Luxurious Italian Craftsmanship, aeronautic design, driver-oriented instrument, three TFT screens, keeping in mind the need of the driver along with comfort, extravagance and lavish interior is what offered by this brand new ‘Urus’.

Inspired by iconic Lamborghini models, dashboard follows the “Y” theme which can be customized by converting it into 4 seats or 5 seat capacity, adjusting according to your choice, e.g., using natural leather to make it look more elegant.


Streamlined design, distinct, cutting edge is what looks Urus has got. Off-road and sporty yet elegant is what this car offers you.

Including the iconic elements like hexagon elements and “Y”, first bonnet, cross lines at the door is what makes it legendary. Functionality is prioritized as the first step in design.

Bottom Line

Overview of this astonishing auto reveals the fact that it is one of the legendary cars launched by Lamborghini with the idea of SUV strength combined with electrifying sports car soul. A perfect buy with the trust of the brand and updated features than ever.