Jaguar F-Pace | Fastest SUV in the world | Sports Car

Jaguar F-Pace | Fastest SUV in the world | Sports Car

Jaguar is known for its efficiency and dynamic designs in its autos launched till now. Its brand value is known by all of us, quality and extraordinary values depicted in its Autos is obvious and common from several years.

Here’s its all-new fastest SUV, ‘F-Pace with DNA of a sports car.  Fully based on state-of-the-art technology, from front to rear, designed in the way, ‘Pace’ is a complete head turner on its first glance.

Exquisite world-class design along with its supreme craftsmanship and value of the brand, Jaguar maintained to keep ‘Pace’ as a high performer with enormous power SUV.

Here are some specs with technicalities to define its strength, durability, and agility:


Top speed (km/h) 208
Time (s) for 0-100 km/h 9.0


Capacity (cm3) 1999
Maximum power (kW) 132
at r/min 4000
Maximum torque (Nm) 430
at r/min 1750 – 2500
Transmission 8-Speed Automatic


Weight from (kg) 1862
Gross vehicle weight (kg) 2460


LENGTH (mm) 4731 (4 737 on SVR)
HEIGHT (mm) 1651
Turning circle (m) 11.87
Front track (mm) 1 641
Height (mm) 1 651*
Overall Length (with tow bar) inc. plinth (mm) 4731 (4 737 on SVR)
Wheelbase (mm) 2874

Vehicle widths

Overall height (mm) 1651
Front track (mm) 1641
Rear track (mm) 1654
Overall width with mirrors folded (mm) 2070
Overall width including mirrors (mm) 2175
Boot volume (l) 508

Above technical specs define the strength of ‘Pace’ as a reliable SUV. This five-seat capacity, 4 cylinders, AWD auto is a perfect package of owning a sports car with the stability of an SUV. A perfect buy from Jaguar!


Pace’ as the name suggests, is one of the world’s fastest SUV with the top speed of 208 km/h with the unbeatable engine with a maximum power of 132 kW.

With All Wheel Drive (AWD), F-Pace always feels like a Jaguar. F-Pace is a clear example of highly responsive, smooth and efficient SUV, loaded with 8-speed Automatic Transmission and F-PACE SVR’s 8-speed Automatic Quick shift Transmission, you get to experience effortless acceleration and manually control gearshifts via the steering wheel paddles.