Luxury electric cars: Jaguar I-PACE or a Tesla Model 3?

Luxury electric cars: Jaguar I-PACE or a Tesla Model 3?

Jaguar I-Pace or Model 3 both all-electric luxury cars are making their way in the EV market but the question is which one you should choose from? We all know EVs have been hyping up in the economy where Tesla has turned the pages by providing the cheapest electric car in the segment.

Jaguar I-Pace is the first electric vehicle by the company which delivers luxury, more performance, style, design, and an excellent range which is giving a cut-throat competition to Tesla Model 3. EV’s are contributing to a healthier environment and a better future let’s have a look which is better option Model 3 or Jaguar I-pace?

Should I buy the Jaguar I-Pace over Tesla Model 3?

Model 3 offers 18-inch alloys with fake leather trim, a 15inch display present in the center which is multipurpose as the instrument cluster and infotainment system. It delivers internet connectivity with a Tesla Autopilot suite with a huge safety system. In the future, you might see the Tesla with autonomous driving running on the roads.

Model 3 has Long-Range trim which comes with a premium interior package with a full-length sunroof along with battery pack and the electric motor in the front. The Performance trim has 20inch alloys with carbon fiber rear spoiler, lowered sports suspension with upgraded brakes and track mode.

Jaguar I-Pace offers 18-inch alloy wheels with LED headlights, fake leather trim with a wider infotainment system, driver assistance features also low-speed autonomous emergency braking system. With the upper trims, it offers a series of features i.e. SE has larger 20-inch alloy wheels with a powered tailgate and stop and go functionality in heavy traffic.

The HSE has a diamond finish with unique 20-inch alloy wheels higher grade Windsor leather trim, 360-degree camera, Meridian audio system, and standard driver assistance system.

Performance and Ride

Model 3 delivers performance the same as a high-end sports car and covers a range of 0-60mph in 3.7 sec and 0-100mph in 9.3 sec. I-pace comes as slower which attains an EPA of 0-60mph in 4.6 seconds with a V8 engine.

Tesla Model 3 Performance trim has lowered suspension with 20-inch wheels and Michelin tires, firm sideway grip, more traction also provide power through four-wheel-drive. Model 3 has a better steering wheel, rigid suspension which gives tough to other conventional electric vehicles in the segment.

Jaguar I-pace has a proper steering wheel and navigating bends also it provides lesser speed at bumpy and paved roads also it has impressive agile, standard suspension.

Charging and Battery Life

Jaguar I-Pace offers a 90.0 kwh battery pack which covers a driving range of 253 miles. It comes with the standard DC charging port which allows 80 percent of the battery to be replenished within 40 minutes with the use of an ultra-rapid charger. It has optional 7 kW with a wall box charger that can be installed at work as well as in an office.

Model 3 is available in three different trims with an approximate driving range. Tesla features a range of fast-charging stations which are known as superchargers, DC public charging stations, and home charging stations and they come with 120 kw superchargers.

The standard trim is one of the most affordable cars which delivers a range of 250 miles. The Long-range and performance models cover a range of 322 miles.

Which is faster Jaguar I Pace or Tesla Model 3?

Both are EV’s with the battery pack mounted in the floor of cars and electric motors in the end. Jaguar I-Pace features powertrain configurations of 90kW/h lithium-ion battery pack and output of 294kW and 680Nm. It has twin motors that have an advanced computer-controlled system, all-wheel-drive.

The Tesla Model 3 standard comes with the single electric motor on the rear axle that generates 211kw which attains an EPA in 5.6 seconds. The Long Range and Performance model has a larger 75kwh with a front-mounted engine that generates 307kw of power and combined output of 353kw. It is considered one of the quickest cars in the segment.

Interiors and Exteriors

Jaguar I-pace interior and exterior both compliment each other with their flashy dashboard and more passenger space. The front seats are nicely padded but you cannot say it the most comfortable car for long road trips. It has heated front and rear seats which also offers different choices in leather upholstery and has a versatile center console with the bin in the armrest and tray below in the center stack.

I-pace comes with the infotainment system 10.0-inch upper screen and 5.5 inches lower display which handles all the controls with standard apple car play and android auto.

The Tesla Model 3 has unbelievable interior which is beyond one’s expectation. It has a low flat flow which creates more space and makes airy insides. With front seats supportive and rear seats cramped, 60/40 split-folding rear seats and expanded trucks.

To kill and enjoy the time at charging stations Tesla Model 3 features an array of entertainment features in their center display i.e. Netflix, YouTube and arcade games also it has standard Apple car play and android auto.

How much Jaguar I-pace costs?


2020 I-Pace offers powerful all-electric and all-wheel-drive powertrain in three different trim level which features standard and optional features. The cost of trims are S: $70,875, SE: $77,275 and HSE: $81,925

How much Tesla Model 3 costs?


The Tesla Model 3 Standard range cost around $41,190, Long-range costs $50,190 and Performance models cost $58,190. Model 3 is one of the cheapest electric cars in the market.


Basis Jaguar I-Pace Tesla Model 3
Drivetrain all-wheel-drive rear-wheel-drive
Engine Electric engine Electric engine
0-60 MPH 4.5seconds 5.6 seconds
EPA 80 city/72 highway 120 city/ 112 highway
Horsepower 394 NA
Torque 512lb-ft NA
Transmission 1-speed automatic 1-speed automatic