Importance of Automobiles in Our Daily Lives | Facts and, What if Cars Had Never Invented?

Importance of Automobiles in Our Daily Lives | Facts and, What if Cars Had Never Invented?

Hello, Ladies and Gentlemen! We welcome and thank you for being here aboard with us today. This time we all together remind ourselves of the importance of vehicles in our lives and also we’ll take a moment to be thankful for them.


Invented in 1886 by a German Engineer named Karl Benz, a car is a motor vehicle that is used to travel, commute, or transport.

The Importance of Cars

How Important Cars are in Our Daily Lives?

Imagine a world without cars: what do we think would we want to live in that world?

The precise answer is—No.

Why is it so?

Because we cannot imagine walking miles and miles to the offices; we don’t want to see our children not going to schools; it’s hard to believe that a serious-patient cannot get emergency treatment. We are just as hopeless as a fuel-car ready to drive having no fuel.

Therefore, we cannot even imagine a world where there are no automobiles around. We and our development need them as much as the growth of modernization.

Below are some interesting facts you’d be happy to know about this incredible machine:

  • On average—a car has 30, 000 parts.
  • Cars spend around 95% of their life-spans parked.
  • Up to 80% of a car-parts are recyclable.
  • There are more cars than people in Los Angeles.
  • We spend about 5 months of our lives in cars waiting at a red light.
  • An average Bugatti customer also owns 84 cars, 3 jets, and a yacht.
  • There are 1 billion cars currently in use on earth.

What if Cars Had Never Invented?

  • If cars were never invented, we could have never reached up to this stage of development.
  • That’d be impossible for most of the discoveries and buildings to be made and built respectively.
  • The majority of the population could have never been able to visit any other country apart from their native.
  • Most of us had to rely only on the most basic education. The higher level of studies would have never been possible.
  • More than half of the lifetime passes while traveling, that’s how long it takes on foot.


  • Cars save our time and energy, and then we put that saved time and energy on something else; that’s how it works.Automobile and this industry is a primary part of our growth and modernization. Hence, if the cars were never invented we’re probably would not be able to share this article with all of you nor you’ll ever be able to read it because then we had not been accessing this internet on this machine. As it has been so long to the invention of cars—better we say goodbye to this idea of discussing a world without cars, instead, let’s thank the cars to be here with us and drive ahead toward our goals.
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