How to Take Out a Car Key from Inside a Locked Car?

How to Take Out a Car Key from Inside a Locked Car?

Quick Steps:

Step 1 : If the vehicle is consist of manual locking system

Use a loop made up of a hanger wire targeting the locking mechanism by inserting it in the gap between glass and rubber molding.Create a gap between the door and car by using a wedge and then insert a rod to make your access to the locking arena.By using a shoelace.

Step 2 : If the system is consist of the auto-locking system

If you have your key code number and VIN, then a locksmith can make a new one from these two numbers.

Step 3 : If nothing works then the options are.

Take help from AAA.Call police.



One of the worst situations is the keys left inside the locked car—therefore; above we have suggested some hacks that will help you in such conditions. All cars may not have the same phenomena, but most cars do share the same process pointed out above. Still, if you face such crisis you can check for help online as well.