How to keep your car cool during harsh summer days

How to keep your car cool during harsh summer days

Quick Steps:

Step 1 : Park Under Shade

Try to park your car under the shade.

Step 2 : Solar Fans

Use Solar fans.

Step 3 : Use Dashboard Cover

Cover dashboard with dashboard cover.

Step 4 : Use towel for covering

Cover seats and steering wheel with towels

Step 5 : Tint up your windows

Tint up your windows

Step 6 : Use sunshade for front glass

Cover your rear and front glass with sunshade.

Step 7 : Leave windows slightly open

While leaving your car parked in the parking lot—leave windows slightly open.

Step 8 : Shower to your car

Give a shower to your car every week or when the hotness becomes unbearable.



The above practices can be done to keep your car’s temperature low. All cars face heating issues during the summertime still—if the problem persists even after performing the given solutions you can contact the dealer or go for a solution online.