How to Keep the Car Odor-free?

How to Keep the Car Odor-free?

Quick Steps:

Step 1 : Air Fresheners

Use Air fresheners.

Step 2 : Interior should be clean

Keep the interior clean—especially floor mats.

Step 3 : Never smoke or drink

Never smoke or drink alcohol in the car.

Step 4 : Clean AC ducts

Keep cleaning AC ducts with water and vinegar.

Step 5 : Don’t keep the car pack

Don’t keep the car pack every time you drive to let the air go in at times.

Step 6 : Use of baking soda

Sprinkle baking soda on the mats and leave it overnight—then vacuum it out.

Step 7 : Don’t keep the garbage

Don’t keep the garbage in the car—if there’s a dustbin, keep refreshing it.

Step 8 : Always put coffee beans

Put a bag full of coffee beans under the seats.

Step 9 : Use dryer sheets

You can also use dryer sheets and put a packet of them under the front seats.



See! It’s simple to keep your car odor-free and make it smell nice. Still, as you carry out the cleaning procedure—you should be careful and handle it wisely—else the interior may get harmed. All cars share the same cleaning process; still, if you are struggling with something you can get help online.