How to Change a Flat Tire by Yourself

How to Change a Flat Tire by Yourself

Required Tools: Lug Wrench, Jack, and Workable Tire.

Quick Steps:

Step 1 : Park your car with safety.

Park your car aside safely to start the mission—donot forget to turn on the Hazard Lights before you step out.

Step 2 : Get the tools.

Get the tools—generally, they found in the rear trunk of the car.

Step 3 : Use the wrench for nuts.

Lose the lug nuts using the wrench.

Step 4 : Lift the vehicle with the jack

Lift the vehicle using the jack. Take the user manual help if you donot know how to use these tools and where to place them.

Step 5 : Obsolete tire removed.

Remove the defunct tire.

Step 6 : Put the backup tire.

Insert the backup tire and put the lug nuts back on to hold it.

Step 7 : Put the vehicle back.

Bring the vehicle back on the ground by demounting the jack.

Step 8 : Tight the lug nuts.

Tight the lug nuts via lug wrench.

Step 9 : Put the flat tire back on place

Clean the area—place the equipment and flat tire back on their places.

Step 10 : Now all set for journey.

Check the newly assembled tire—and if it looks good—you are all set to resume your journey.


Afterword & Caution

Follow the steps above to replace the tire, but be extra careful and attentive at all times during the process. Cars share the same tire changing procedure—yet there are exceptional cases where you’ve to perform some extra practices depending upon the model. In those cases, you can go for help online.

Also, there are other optional utilities you can use while changing the tire—they are gloves, flashlight, air inflator, wheel blocks, etc.  Keeping them always in the car is highly recommended. They are cheaper in prices and available for sale in the market.

Have a safe journey!