GM and Honda unite for the production of vehicles in North America

GM and Honda unite for the production of vehicles in North America

The two big names in the auto manufacturer industry Honda and General Motors have announced the plans for the range of electric vehicles. In April 2020 the companies have announced that they will work together to produce more electric vehicles and car platforms. The companies will include GMC Hummer EV which will depend on the cost-saving new battery pack architecture called Ultrium

Honda and General Motors both have endorsed a non-binding memorandum to build a partnership for their planned vehicles in North America. Both companies are going to share their teams, innovative technologies, and vehicle platforms. Now the question arises that what they are going to produce together and what are their future goals for the market?

Honda and GM partnership in the early days

This is not the first time that these two big companies of automobiles are working together, previously they have also worked together in the 90s to fill each other’s gaps in terms of vehicles. We have a list of some key Honda and GM  partnerships that made them commit to working together again.

Honda made Splash and converted to Isuzu(1993)

In the year 1993, Honda wanted an SUV and Isuzu wanted a passenger car. So both companies started work together and the result was Honda Accord became the Asaka and honda Domani is known as Isuzu Gemini. On the other hand, Isuzu took the Honda Odyssey and produced Oasis.

Honda-powered Saturn Vue(2003)

For the mutual benefit, General Motors has decided to power the Saturn Vue with a J35 V6 engine produced by Honda. Giving the crossover a respectable 250 horsepower. Honda also used the Isuzu diesel engines for European cars.

Fuel cells technologies(2013)

Both companies again made collaboration in 2013 to produce and test new fuel cell technologies. And they both commit to selling hydrogen fuel cell cars by the year 2020. At that time Honda released FCX. 

Fuel cells Manufacturing (2017)

In the year 2017, both Honda and GM announced the plan of a joint fuel cell manufacturing center in Michigan. It will be the first mass-production center of hydrogen fuel cells in the auto manufacturing industry. This venture is known as Fuel Cell System Manufacturing.


Both companies together achieved so many targets, now let’s see what’s their future goals. And how they are going to achieve this.


Future Goals for the coming years

General Motors sells vehicles under the Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, Cadillac, and Wailing brands on the other hand Honda Motor Co. manufacture, design, and market automobile products. Both the companies started this joint venture to take the advantage of skills The work of engineering will begin from the starting of 2021. Their plans are: 


  • Both companies are going to develop new electric vehicles


  • The interiors and exteriors are going to be designed by Honda Motor while and the platform will be developed by GM to support Honda driving character


  • Sales of the vehicles will be started from the year 2024 in the US and Canada


  • This collaboration will advance the industry-leading efforts and helps in greenhouse gas emissions.


  • There will be the technical advancement and capabilities for Ultium Batteries and also for all new electric vehicles platforms.


  • They already have planned for GM’s on star safety system on integration with the HondaLink system

Wrapping up

Furthermore, Honda is also going to join Cruise based on the technology of electric vehicles. For the coming years, they have planned the joint efforts performed by the Detroit-Tokyo based companies will develop ground-breaking hydrogen-powered which will be refueled like modern-day gasoline cars along with additional features for the bulk production. Overall it is encouraging that the companies are finally teaming up for future advancement. The great compression has already begun.