Everything About Brake By Wire Technology And Its Advantages

Everything About Brake By Wire Technology And Its Advantages

In this world of modern technology, people are expecting new things every day. Auto manufacturers, researchers, and experts have been merging the computer and technology into new modern cars. Like manufacturers are converting from a hydraulic system to an electric one for the upcoming cars. The idea of a brake by wire system is also growing. Now automakers are settling the break by wire technology in new cars. This system ensures comfort, functions, and safety while driving.


The car is fully instructed by the computers and sensors that are preinstalled in the car. The emerging technology will open the new doors for the braking system and develop the new break of the future. How this break by wire technology works? And what are the actual benefits? Let’s discuss the full details about the brake by wire system.

Difference between brake by wire and traditional brake system

The traditional braking system generates hydraulic pressure when a person presses down the brake pedal. It activates the brake shoe. Basically, the pedal activates the hydraulic component which is called the master cylinder. This master cylinder generates hydraulic pressure for the brake lines. And the pressure generated by the master cylinder pushes each wheel individually. As a result, it puts pressure between brake pads. 


On the other hand, brake by wire is another type of braking system that controls the brake with the help of an electric mechanism installed in it. In a modern braking system, a brake booster is available which is powered by the vacuum, and directly increases the force of the pedal, and then brakes will work easily. In this breaking system, manual work is totally zero. Both braking systems work on the same rules. The main objective of brake by wire system is to reduce the force applied by the driver. 

How Brake by Wire system works?

The new Audi e-Tron Sportback is a fully electric car that includes brake by wire technology. Break by wire technology is basically available in hybrids and Electric vehicles. But sometimes it works for non-electrified cars. In a fully mechanical and hydraulic system, there are lots of parts involved that perform different operations of cars individually. There is a brake booster, steering column, master cylinder, and other cables. They all give extra weight to the car.


These parts are replaced by electric wires in the drive-by-wire system. The drive by wire system includes parts like sensor record information, which records the amount of brake pedal pushed by the driver. Then there is a control that records the amount of hydraulic pressure and lasts an electric pump which generates the pressure to stop the vehicle. This information directly passes to the computer, then the computer series converts the electrical energy into mechanical motion. Cars like E-Tron and Porsche activate the brake hydraulics when a particular threshold is met.


Benefits Of Brake By Wire Technology

There are some reasons why auto manufacturers are taking interest in brake by wire system. The main benefits of Brake by wire technology are:


  • It acts quickly, which results in shorter stopping distances and also focuses on safety.
  • The brake assist system is available in this brake by wire technology which works on speed.
  • This system is linked with antilock breaks and due to the unavailability of mechanical parts, this brake by wire system does not generate the vibration from the brake pedal.
  • The physical space consumed by brake by wire is not much as traditional braking. It is an important factor because engine compartments become congested. 
  • Due to the absence of corrosive brake fluid, brake by wire technology does no damage to the environment. 
  • This system needs less service because of its less weight and better accuracy there will be better fuel efficiency and fewer emissions.
  • And if an electronics car fails by any chance then there is a connection between the pedals and the breaks, so if some parts stop working then automatically a valve opens up that bypasses all the electronics.


Brake by wire system has lots of benefits without any manual work but still, there are some issues like electronic malfunctions in sensors and computers, brake caliper and pads sometimes apply insufficient pressure which leads to car accidents. Because brake is the first safety system of the car and safety should be the first priority. That’s why manufacturers still install traditional hydraulic backup system along with brake by wire system. Various car brands have already started using brake by wire system including Mercedes Benz, Audi, BMW, Volkswagen, Land Rover, Nissan, and Toyota. 


Eventually, brake-by-wire has reached its growing stage and soon it is going to be common on public roads. As the growth of the driverless car is rapidly increasing in the automotive industry, resulting in the introduction of a brake-by wire system as common automation.