Eclipse Cross To Run Over With More Power in 2022?

Eclipse Cross To Run Over With More Power in 2022?

Standing out from the fleets and being capable enough to speak out its dominance amongst other rivals like Toyota and Mazda, the rather performance-oriented Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross is a beast hard to tackle. 


Sportier in all its skins, opulent and zealous interiors, and even though the vehicle was found as sedentary in much of the conversations but has taken it again on the agility part at the hands of Mitsubishi.


A 1.5 liter, turbocharged engine is what would come as drubbed in every piece of the ‘Eclipse Cross’ with enough stance of cruising and cornering abilities, the vehicle won’t only be an ample performer but would also turn out to be a success. 

What Engine Does It Carry?

Engine won’t disappoint the ‘Power Purists’ and would be a good friend of those who aren’t much familiar with what power is and to each, his own would be a phrase tagged to every engine variant of the ‘Ute’ as they would come with a 1.5 liter, turbocharged, 152 horsepower engine.


It might sparkle you with a punch of power and won’t satiate the ones craving an extra gulp under the feet but its continuously variable transmission and aggressive handling would do the spell amongst the racers.


The engine noise is but an expression of craftsmanship that Mitsubishi has taken care of and lends herewith with a soundproof cabin that sets you oblivious to the outer screeching of the environment. 


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What To Expect In Connectivity?

A precise point to detail and a whole extension of driver assistance features is what the vehicle comes drubbed with. Brow down and notice what could be the probable take of the Mitsubishi for its stupendous vehicle Eclipse Cross.

In dash-navigation system 
Android Auto Play
Apple car play 
SEL, SE, LE models get an 8.0-inches touchscreen
A 7.0-inch display for the baser version
A touchscreen infotainment system

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What To Expect In Safety?

The optimized stance of the vehicle here takes a lift than what was previously thought of as ‘Dated Version’ and is highly calibrated with the world that requires now a more detailed set of safety features that stand at par with their expectations.


Streamed below is the latest version of features that have come as handy, 

Futuristic driver assistance technologies 
An adaptive set of cruise control 
Detection system for the pedestrians 
A lane departure warning system
The emergency automated braking system 

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Miles Covered, Warranty Measures

The corrosion protection system of the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross couldn’t be measured with any other rivals as is the most fantastically nailed system beneath the engine profile even though the other rivals like Kia and Hyundai have taken it hard to battle but were found as palpitating.

Warranty Routines Coverage
Powertrain 100,00 miles/10 years
Limited 60,000 miles/ 5 years
No existence of scheduled complimentary maintenance 

Therefore the vehicle would not only be doing good on roads but in maintaining and retaining the best of health for the years to come.