What is the difference between ABS and non-ABS?

What is the difference between ABS and non-ABS?

Brakes are the one thing that is most important and required at the time of driving the car and their main purpose is to slow down and stop the car. Nowadays, every car comes with the ABS in it and protect us from the sudden braking of cars and as well as from mishappenings.

ABS System

  • The ABS system is fast and reliable.
  • The sensors attached in the wheels work very quickly which tends to avoid the chances of an accident.
  • The ABS has the power to pulse the whole brake system by the times per second.
  • It avoids the situation of slip or skid and lessens the chance of crashing of cars.
  • It even works on the icy surface and ensures wheels do not lock up on the surface.

Non-ABS System

  • The normal brake requires pushing the brake pedal in which clamps hold tight and slow down the car.
  • While driving at the slippery roads it causes the car to lose traction and control.
  • This causes the situation of the accident as the wheel gets locked up and they slide freely over the surface
  • The chances of skidding and slipping of the vehicle are increased in the non-ABS vehicles.

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The ABS has become very common nowadays and almost available in every car which does not lower the price of the vehicle at the time of resale.