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We have wide selection of all cars, SUVs, trucks, crossovers, and hybrids for sale. Our staff, show you best vehicle offers, and take you through our complete line of vehicle inventory. Whether you choose to buy or lease, our team is here to help you find the best car in your budget.

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F. C. Boulware


I purchased my BMW 7/2020 and I have nothing but a headache with this purchase. I recently took my car this week for service and preexisting issue i brought the car in before. I told the customer service rep about the issue and showed him a video due to the last rep blowing me off about the issue. I told the gentleman that I had warranty on the car and he stated he did not see the warranty. Instead of the gentleman doing farther investigation he asked if I had a copy of my so called warranty. I left the service desk and went down to the sales office to get a copy of the warranty which as a customer I should not have had to do. I brought a copy of the warranty back and the customer service reps tone changed. I received a call later explaining that a part had to be order and that I could come pick up the car. I asked if they could keep the car until the part comes in and I was told no. Moving forward I picked the car up today and the check engine light is still on, the oil change change was not performed and the blower motor part has not been installed. I owned several vehicles and by far this has been the worse experience when it comes to dealing with the service department. Every customer should be valued and treated equal.

asia davis


I have had a terrible experience there was little to no communication about the evident scratches before I bought it when the car was in an accident in July! I purchased the car in November! The following day I took the car back to have the paint corrected sales rep told me she’d call back once the it was completed and never called back. When I picked up my car the paint was a touch up with a different color white and did not have a clear coating and still has the original chipped paint and coating (so why did I take it in for correction again?!) I spoke with the manager about it and he advised he would get it fixed, he’d have someone call me back and nothing!!! This is the worst experience and communication I’ve had with a dealer EVER!!!

Mary Anderson


I was very pleased with the BMW service. Shaun Bradford, the customer service rep had made me feel welcomed and assured as a customer. He gave professional and excellent advice for the needs of my car. I was particularly impressed with the friendly atmosphere and the warm greeting extended when I arrived.

Jess Beardsley


Buying from Union Park was just a wonderful experience. My salesperson, Mark Moser was fantastic it took a couple weeks for me to find a car but he helped me and guided me all through the process. Everyone else from management down was courteous nice it was the least stressful experience I ever had buying a car. Highly recommended!

Phil Wheddon GK ONE


Friendly staff in the service department. Never have an issue with them, they are open and resourceful, make you feel welcome etc. However , for my tune up I was charged $1300. $805 of it was labor. There was no real explanation - I had an oil change and fluids replaced and the warnings reset. It was disgusting - even the staff had a hard time justifying it . “Expert service “ was the answer. They had the car for 2 hours which also included driving it to the service and back and a car wash. 🤷🏻‍♂️😳

Andres Rubio


I took my BMW in for two reasons, one to fix my automatic door lock, and two to do the recalls it had for the blower motor. The door was fix properly. The blower motor on the other hand did not work. I didn’t notice it until the following day on my way to work. When I called BMW to tell them my car was not producing heat, they told me sorry. We are busy and you will have to make an appointment the following week. I talked to two representatives and both of them told me the same thing. I did receive a phone call from a 3 rd person who apologized and ask me to bring my car in that day, but I was unable to because I do not have a third vehicle and I was not offered a loaner. I told them I would just wait to bring my car in on my day off. I then had to wait 5 days from the time they did the service, to have my car fixed properly. When I did bring the car back, it took them 8 hrs to tell me it was a fuse. Once again they did not offer me a loaner, they didn’t even wash my car. Nothing but sorry. I live in NJ and have to go to Delaware for the closest BMW. Poor customer service. Never again

Howard Theckston


My experience was poor. For weeks leading up to the appointment (for new tires) I called 6 times to see if my tires were ordered and received prior to me coming. I left 6 messages and no one ever called me back. To that same point - all 6 times I called- no one answered the phone - which is why I had to leave messages. So finally I drove down to the service center myself to get the answer. Then on the day of my service (for new tires)- I had a 9AM appointment- I was told it would take 2 hours. After waiting for 2 hours I was told they hadn’t even taken my car into the shop yet and it was still parked out back. Your service team wasted my time on numerous occasions and the experience was unacceptable

Ricky Nietubicz


I usually do my own work to avoid the inconvenience of going to a shop. This place made it easy. Scheduled quickly, took the car as soon as I got there, had a comfortable waiting room, and had me on my way in an hour. 100% recommend.