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Car Service? You Have Us

Want the best car- service to smoothen your drive? Here with us you get the best assured auto service which includes roadside assistance, Engine Oil Filter Replacement, Air Filter Replacement, Coolant Top-up, Brake Fluid Replacement, etc. Just visit our website for more details and fill the form. Off you go!

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Want to know how to finance for your car with us? We’ll provide you with our different car financing option to help you lead the way like quick sanction& disbursement of car loan at least possible rate of interest for long tenure, car loan EMI, insurance and warranty claim, leasing car facility, etc.

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Why Sell Your Used Car With Us?

Want to sell your used car but its not in excellent condition? No problem. Come to us for we accept four-wheeler of all kinds ranging from cars, SUVs, Sudans to vans, jeep , etc. Want more details? Visit our website and check the special schemes, offers and discount. So book your deal near yourself right now.

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We have wide selection of all cars, SUVs, trucks, crossovers, and hybrids for sale. Our staff, show you best vehicle offers, and take you through our complete line of vehicle inventory. Whether you choose to buy or lease, our team is here to help you find the best car in your budget.

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Review From Google (Most Relevant)

Steve Plakhin


Awesome work McGrath! I am very satisfied with my new car and had an awesome experience working with Zane Martinez (Sales Consultant) and Daniel Colon (Sales Manager). They did a great job working with me and my requests, they listened and they delivered! I recommend doing business with them.

Renee Gagliano


Matt was my salesman. He is kind and very interested in what I was looking for. He called a few days later to see if I was happy with my car. He also asked if I had questions and I did. He answered everyone of them. My car is going in for the paint protection to be applied. He said that I should swing in and say Hi. He really does care beyond the sale. My husband and I are thrilled to own our first Honda and my first hybrid. Thank you Matt for the info. Renee Gagliano

Lorie Estanislao


Michael Malik was phenomenal in helping us purchase our new Honda HR-V! The car port to turn in your car and receive your new car is something we have never experienced before. Nice touch especially with all kind of weather conditions in our area. The phone calls and email follow ups was great customer service. We love our new car!

Sheila Heinzinger


McGrath Honda Dealer great service of the Managers and Staff friendly and helpful. You don't have to go anywhere. This is the right place where you can find the car that you are looking for and be satisfied. Highly recommended to my friends and relatives. Chris Ford (Sales Customer Service) He approached as with a smile and accommodated as nicely. He even showed us different brand from SUV and the Honda car you had in the parking lot. He gave all the information that we need to know, made us feel comfortable and assured us that we will be satisfied of the car we are looking for and that's how we found the right car we need, happy and pleased. He is amazing! Ana ( Finance Department ) She have a pleasant personality, friendly and helpful. She explained very well all the information we need to know. Ana is very knowledgeable in her job. She is an asset. Good job !



Great experience buying a new car at McGrath in Elgin. Everyone was super friendly. My salesman Gerardo was great to work with and the communications with him were always helpful. The closing only took 2 hours which is awesome. The documents were a concern for me but they were easy to understand. Also, the Civic I got is very impressive and a lot of fun to drive.

Michele Sommerville


Amazing experience! I am 67 years old and have purchased many cars during my lifetime. I have never dealt with a dealership that was so kind, considerate, and sincerely focused on me as the customer! I bought a used car but I felt that I was being treated as if I was buying a brand new car. The special from McGrath Honda where you get two free oil changes and a free tire rotation just for buying the car is an added blessing. Mr. McGrath has a wonderful organization. Chris and Daniel treated me as if I was a dear friend. The managers working behind the scenes are also amazing! I will be back to McGrath Honda for future purchases.

Ron Pena


Lack of communication and transparency. Purchased a vehicle out of urgent need for my son on a Saturday. I made it clear that I needed to take the vehicle home that day. It was the salesman’s first sale and he saw how urgent I needed the vehicle, I didn’t even bother to test drive, just dove into the paperwork! The salesman then told me they just needed to get it in for certification/cleaning and he would contact me the moment it was ready. I was already under the impression that I would pick it up at the end of the day, his exact words were “it’s really quick and you’re next in line, I’ll call the moment it’s ready”. So I had my son jump on a train from Michigan to come get his new car, so that he can drive to his job interview the following Monday. I returned home and waited for that call. The day passes, and Sundays they are closed. My son decided to return home for his interview without having transportation. Monday comes and I called to speak to a manager, he checked on the vehicle for me and gave me the same line as “Your car is next in line and we will give you a call”. Left another message on Tuesday and it’s now Wednesday night and I still never got a call with an ETA. I understand things can take time, but communication is the key to good customer service and honesty/transparency goes a long way. I now feel the salesman turned into a YES MAN just so he can secure his first sale and didn’t bother giving me a realistic expectation of when the car would be in my possession. Not to mention emails and voicemails have gone unanswered. That’s bad business and next time, even in an urgent situation, would not do business with someone who can’t communicate.

Wilde Child


I live In Illinois and we recently purchased a brand new 2021 Honda accord hybrid from the McGrath dealership in November 2021. We recently just took a trip to Michigan for my son‘s baseball tournament when we were getting ready to leave we could not put the car in drive! my son and I were stranded in a parking lot in an unfamiliar area with a brand new car that we purchased from McGrath dealership. I figured everything will be OK I will call the Honda dealer I have the warranty-it’s a brand new car!! I called them told them what happened and they couldn’t even find my warranty! After sitting in the parking lot with nowhere to go in Michigan they finally find the warranty. Then they say they will come pick up the car but I have to find my own ride wherever I need to go. I am stranded in Michigan in a parking lot with my son in a brand new car with a warranty and road side assist that mean nothing!! They told me I have to find my own ride and pay for it myself!! They said they don’t have anyone to look at the car until sometime next week. They can’t do anything until they process a claim. I can submit my receipts for reimbursement!! McGrath in Illinois where I bought the car from is making me deal with the Michigan dealer! I didn’t even buy the car from them! McGrath won’t even talk to me and wants nothing to do with me. I’m disgusted that I bought a brand-new 2021 Honda accord from McGrath in Illinois that I paid in cash in full with warranty/roadside assistance and when my car broke down in Michigan they did nothing for me! It makes me sick that my brand new car that I paid so much money for might need a new transmission! Two weeks later my car is still in Michigan at the Honda dealer. My son and I had to find our own way back to Illinois and now the car is ready in Michigan and I have to drive four hours there to get it and four hours back!! This has been the worst experience! Hopefully I won’t have issues with my transmission in the future. I hope nobody has to go through the hell I’ve gone through. So disappointed in McGrath dealership I would not refer them to anyone!