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Willow Pelot-Whitcomb


I have never experienced such a high level of integrity and customer-first commitment to resolution of a highly complex situation—whereby Honda of Oakland could have easily blamed the manufacturer of the used EV I purchased from them *for stripping the vehicle of its most expensive/significant add-on package after driving it off the lot*. This was Honda of Oakland’s first time selling this particular model and my first time purchasing it, so they never suspected that the specs that were on the car (and included in the purchase price) could or would be remotely removed once the manufacturer got wind of a transfer of ownership. However, HoO assured me from the outset that they would explore every solution possible to make sure that, at the end of the day, I would get to have the car we both thought I had purchased from them. After trying to resolve through the manufacturer to no avail, the dealership ultimately still made things right— at no small cost to Honda of Oakland—in a manner that could not have shown more integrity, accountability, and responsibility to their customer. From the initial purchasing process to even making my way through the shock of the largest car purchase I’d yet made gone Awry, the salesman all the way up to the regional manager made me feel like I was in capable hands that refused to let me down. And they never did. “Car dealerships” tend to have sort of a reputation for being kind of money-focused rather than customer oriented… My experience with Honda of Oakland has me wondering if this is simply a myth, or if this is truly just an exceptionally trustworthy and sincere business that runs itself at elevated standards. (I have a strong feeling it is the latter.) I would recommend this place to *anyone* seeking a reliable vehicle and an above and beyond sales experience. Though I didn’t even purchase a Honda from them, I consider myself part of the Honda family fleet for life after this! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

tatiana jones


Woke up this morning to issues with my car and called to see if I could get it in right away, the gentlemen on the phone was very pleasant and said it’d be no problem to get everything fixed today. When I came in I was greeted by Hubert Nalos who from the get go was super kind and professional. He let me know right away what would need to be done and didn’t keep any secrets from me. I’ve been to a lot of Honda dealerships because I move often and this has been the best experience and service I’ve ever received. I Will definitely be coming back for any future services and if you see Hubert just know you’ll be in good hands!

Sent Email


Service & Repair center has top-notch service advisors— After Rodrigo checked me in, I worked with both Mike and Darius. Mike informed me about my warranty coverage, and was patient and professional with my questions. Upon choosing to move forward with the service, I returned and worked with Darius; I appreciated his personable nature and direct/thorough communication. At the end of the day, to me, honesty and positive interactions are essential when it come to quality service. Thanks!

Arvaughn Manning


I didn't get the Subaru Outback, but instead I got a Honda CR-V! My experience was great. The young gentleman that assisted me was awesome! He went to school with my nephew! They really put forth 101% to get me in a car, and when you are a Caregiver, you need that! Thank you, Honda!

Tiffany Shumate


I was informed that the car I leased from Honda in 2021 for $21K was mistakenly over valued and that it was actually worth $18K. Honda told me I’d have to pay for that difference with the new lease — meaning, I have to pay for the mistake of Honda. It also seemed dishonest. Even though they reached out to ME for a new lease, I ended up paying more and increasing my monthly from $330 to $500 as a “deal”

Walter Flowers


Ryan was a pleasure helping me get into a nice vehicle shipped out of state. Easy to deal with, fair price, good communication, and helped get all the arrangements in place in a timely manner. Glad to do business.

Anders Peterson


We’ve done a lot of business with Honda of Oakland including vehicle purchases and vehicle service. I’ve been disappointed and impressed at various times with this dealership. Today I’m disappointed as they are now charging 3% of service cost to pay using a credit card. You must use a debit card to avoid the additional 3% fee. I think this is a poor business decision, and even slightly deceptive as some customers may be unaware of the additional fee, especially if English is not their primarily language. The information on this new “charge” is only posted in English with small lettering at the pay window.

Tammy Lyman


I had my son take his honda in for an oil change because that was the code that came up as due, the service desk told him he would need a transmission service too, that his brakes were almost gone and he'd need brakes and rotors, and that he would also need a timing belt, which was going to all cost around $1000. I told him to just do the oil change (which was expensive too). Then I had my son drive the car so southern california where I live when he visited a week later, I took it into the dealership here that I use, and they checked everything out. We had just put a new timing belt in last year, that wasn't needed, he had more than half his brake pads left, so they were fine, and his rotors were great, also he was not due for a transmission service for quite awhile because it was just done 11 months ago. I feel like this service department is very shady and will sell you things you clearly don't need if they think they can get one over on you. I would not recommend ever taking your honda in for service at this shady dealership.