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Javad Rostami


Terrible service department. It is not their first poor and neglected service however, I have decided to share my frustration with others as this may help them to save their time, money and extensive damage to their cars. On 06/10/2022 I dropped my car for first major service maintenance including CVT transmission fluid change. I got the car after 3 hours and back home. I opened the hood and found the transmission fluid plug right next to the latch! Called the service department and service advisor, and they simply said ohh, that should not be there! Plug it back if you can or bring it back tomorrow or Monday, we will top up the fluid and will plug it back for you!!! Seriously? Is this how it works? What about damages this could have done to the transmission? (the damage may have done already) Who is going to be responsible now? I am expecting a call and explanation from their manager not only on this incident but also on the other issue back in April that they keep my car for 5 days and returned it without even a simple diagnosis! For sake of yourself, do not trust this service location and if you have to get your car serviced here, please stay on top of what they do on your car as they may adversely damage your vehicle.

Zafar Katingeri


I took my Honda to fix dent. The service team did great job. Looks like they took extra care. My car looks bright and new. I see the team working is excellent coordination with managers. Mr Ted was good to respond clarifying the issue. Earlier, he had helped to resolve other issues. My car runs smooth and safe. Thanks Honda of Clearlake

Theresa Westfall


My husband and I live in Cypress. We were looking to upgrade our car. We now what we wanted and, found it at Honda of Clearlake. The salesmen (Callen) that we talked to on the phone was very nice and knowledgeable about the car. When we arrived he had the car waiting for us. Callen explained all the safety features, navigation, and about the apps that are on the car. When we drove the car we now it was just what we wanted. Overall we are very happy with our purchase.

Amber C.


I bought a used Dodge Ram from here in May of this year. I also purchased the extended warranty at that time. I was told if anything goes wrong with the engine, this warranty will cover it. A few months after I bought the vehicle, it starts clicking. It's either the lifter or a leak in an exhaust manifold. I call Honda of Clear Lake about fixing it. They told me to take it to a Dodge dealership, the Dodge Dealership tells me they are not in network for my warranty company. I spoke with the guy who sold it and explained the situation. He was supposed to get back with me. Never did. So now I am having to take it to another Honda dealership to look at my Dodge and I am told that the warranty company (it's called Lithia) is really finicking and it may not be covered. If it's not covered then I have to pay $175 diagnostic fee. The finance guy also told me the warranty was good through 2025. They failed to mention the or 36,000 miles part. If they had said that, I would not have purchased it. They also didn't tell me the warranty was paid for using an entirely separate loan. They gave me the total monthly price of my payment. They didn't say your truck payment is X amount and then the warranty is X amount which lead me to believe it was one payment. I was a little too trusting with them. I really feel mislead by them and taken advantage of.

Jacob meader


I'll start by saying that, this experience was by far, far, the easiest car buying experience I've had. I did do my homework and knew what I wanted and had my payroll info etc. ready. But from the moment I sat down with Preston to sitting with the finance folks to leaving the lot, I knew exactly what was going on. I was informed about the process and was never left in the dark. The whole staff was engaging albeit busy. It was a great experience and will definitely do business there again.

Lisa Hunter


Outstanding customer service experience. I ordered a part and promptly received it within two business days. My phone calls were answered promptly. The associates in the parts department were very professional, patient, helpful, and courteous.Thank you to Ro, John, Allen and Karl for your time and assistance. Thank you also to manager, Eddie for a prompt reply to my phone call and a pleasant conversation.

Patricia Bahr


Scheduling an appointment for my Honda was easy and convenient. Getting to Honda of CL was hard due to road construction, but worth the challenge. My service tech, Jeff He son, was ready for my car and made sure my applicable coupons were used to my best advantage. The wait was longer than expected (but I was able to watch the World Cup game in the comfortable waiting area), but the service was completed. The cost was fair, and I felt Jeff gave me a good summary if my Crosstour’s health and what to look out for (my car is older with quite a few mikes). I’ll be happy to return when the next service is due.

Zaden Akatai


Had multiple bad experiences with the service dept on my civic. on one occasion waited 7 hours for them to install a splash shield… 7 hours for 6 little push clips to be put in. As if that wasn’t enough, i foolishly went back and bought another car with them, from the start salesman was extremely rude. I liked the car so we still agreed on a price. I was told the car was well maintained and that the car would undergo a full safety mechanical inspection. Everything should have taken 2days to get done. I waited 2 weeks… all whilst the salesman is a complete ghost, has no clue what is happening with the car and rarely answers the phone. 2 weeks pass i get the car, cool everything is fine except something is DEFINITELY still very noticeably wrong with it. The new tires they put on were never balanced. the CV Axle was failing, both front shocks were completely shot. The brakes that were supposed to be done were clearly not judging by the amount of grinding coming from them. Car was overdue for a timing belt and water pump, and now it’s having electrical issues and being thrown into limp mode constantly… Im having to pay for CV Axle, Shocks, Brakes and Rotors, a timing belt and water pump job, and having to chase a mystery short that’s causing the car to go into limp. Absolute worst dealer around, nothing but overpriced hunks of junk and salesman that will lie straight to your face. steer clear.