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Honda dealer Helena

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Car Service? You Have Us

Want the best car- service to smoothen your drive? Here with us you get the best assured auto service which includes roadside assistance, Engine Oil Filter Replacement, Air Filter Replacement, Coolant Top-up, Brake Fluid Replacement, etc. Just visit our website for more details and fill the form. Off you go!

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Want to know how to finance for your car with us? We’ll provide you with our different car financing option to help you lead the way like quick sanction& disbursement of car loan at least possible rate of interest for long tenure, car loan EMI, insurance and warranty claim, leasing car facility, etc.

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Want to sell your used car but its not in excellent condition? No problem. Come to us for we accept four-wheeler of all kinds ranging from cars, SUVs, Sudans to vans, jeep , etc. Want more details? Visit our website and check the special schemes, offers and discount. So book your deal near yourself right now.

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We have wide selection of all cars, SUVs, trucks, crossovers, and hybrids for sale. Our staff, show you best vehicle offers, and take you through our complete line of vehicle inventory. Whether you choose to buy or lease, our team is here to help you find the best car in your budget.

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jacob rosen


Couldn’t fix the problem after 2 separate trips. They said they fixed it both times but feels like they never tested the result to confirm so I get in my car expecting it fixed only to be disappointed twice. Called and left a message and got no answer back. Still not fixed and now I’ll have a separate deductible for the warranty to help. Cost me money and time.



Rude unfriendly staff at the front desk. We’ll see how well the service is. I may add or subtract another star. They tried to get me to replace my rear differential fluid for 140$ saying that at 15,000 miles it needs to be replaced. Yet I go to my service schedule and it states that it needs to be CHECKED at 15,000... not replaced. At 30,000 miles it is to be replaced and 30k is being SAFE... Someone could probably go to 60k and be fine. I asked them to show me in my manual where it says it needs to be changed at 15k... they could not (because it wasn't there) The guy only showed me the indicator mentioning the rear differential fluid in my car (probably just telling me to check it, it did not say to replace it). Then they threatened that my warranty would be voided if I didn't get it replaced. Yet once again they couldn't show me anything on paper showing that I needed my rear differential fluid replaced. It's sad to see these companies try so hard to make an extra buck from incompetent people that would probably just get things like that done when asked. This company is taking advantage of people. And YES, the young lady was extremely rude and ignorant at the front desk. "Not something you normally hear"... good god... On a side note the gentlemen that got in my car to show me my rear differential indicator smelled like alcohol so you may want to watch out for that guy drinking on the job... On a positive note the oil change was a reasonable price. Doesn't make up for everything else though.

Brandon Jones


Scheduled a test drive of 2023 CRV over the phone. Was told that there were several available and that test drive had been scheduled. Drove from out of town and learned that there were no models available and that the inventory from previous communication and website was not accurate.

Matthew Bolland


Worked with Jack on getting my friend into a small SUV. Was patent and low pressure. Definitely giving him all my future business. Keep up the good work!

Josh Benning


2008 /Acura Tsx…..We just recently moved to Helena from Denver and needed a good trusting relationship with a repair shop. I’m a retired service manager of 15 years with multiple departments under me at one point. Dodge, Nissan, kia, Porsche, Mercedes Etc. I would vouch for this repair shop, not that my word means anything on the Internet, but they are fair. They worked with us to get the vehicle back to 100% maintenance, let us know our pricing and we quickly broke down barriers that one might feel when first coming into a new shop.(LikeFamily) To top off things, I bet the wife that they would be calling at 3:05 PM. As we dropped off at 10:30 in the morning. They called at 3:10 but who’s counting.:)

Jen Stepleton


My check engine light came on so I took it to AutoZone and got the code reader. But they didn't have the part in stock so I called Honda and was told to drop it off in the morning. They kept the car for nearly 6 hours before I got a call saying the same thing AutoZone told me in 10 minutes, and that it would cost $355 to fix but it would have to wait until the next day. I called around and found several other places that would do it for under $200, so I made another appointment and picked up my car. But I was still charged a $140 'diagnostic fee' for the same information AutoZone told me for free. Update: Yes, the diagnostic fee was mentioned when I brought in the car but I was never told how much it was. Shame on me for assuming it would be something reasonable and not asking first. And no, it was not going to be a genuine Honda part. I was specifically told the only part available was coming from O'Reilly's. Thanks for your response but it's B.S.

Rita Watson


Havent done business there for over 6 years. We used to do a ton of business when it was Grimes Motors

Don Coburn


Super friendly staff and shuttle driver. I called this morning at 8:00 am to get my oil changed, I was in by 9:00 and had my car back by noon. They even found time to rotate the tires 😀