Best Luxury Cars 2019 | Best Sedans | Best SUVs

Best Luxury Cars 2019 | Best Sedans | Best SUVs

What is the first thing comes in your mind when you think of buying a luxury car ? The luxury cars have grabbed the attention of youngsters which has increased the demand? The answer is they have captured the market and attracted the consumers through their reliability and also offers comfort and other related services which makes them different from the other cars in the same segment. The users these days look for the product which provides value to their money buying a luxury or investing in them is one way of acquiring the value in their life and at the same time which fulfills their demand too.
Here, we have researched and rated the best luxury cars with stunning features and worthy enough to buy.

Porsche Macan 2019

2019 Porsche Macan

  • Starting price for Porsche Macan: $50,000
  • Porsche Macan S: $58,000

The impeccable interior and the sporty-looking edges draw the attention of the consumer and also makes them stand out of the crowd. Porsche Macan is the most reliable SUV in the luxury car segment. Porsche Macan has smaller seats as compared to other SUVs in the same segment which makes them the best SUVs or we can say where luxury rests.

Porsche Macan also comes with the sporty suspension which makes them a perfect vehicle for rash rides in the SUV segment. The Porsche Macan comes in two variants which provide the choice for the buyer to purchase the product according to their buying capacity. 


2019 VOLV0 XC 60

  • Starting price: $47,150
  • 19.78 MPG 

Luxury and comfort both are second names for VOLVO XC 60. The best midsize SUV is offering ultra-comfortable seats which also has an inclusion of absolute massaging function and has enough space for the sitting of more than 3 people at a time. Who doesn’t like enjoying in the car here VOLVO XC got you covered with his coolest interior and console for making your drinks stay while you drive and enjoy. 

2019 VOLVO XC 60 Exterior

The exterior of the SUV shows the signature of VOLVO by having T-shaped headlights and also comes with a sporty look which makes them a suitable match for rough rides. The midsize SUV VOLVO  XC 60 has subtle interior and exterior edges and designs which catches the eye and makes it the best luxury SUV in the midsize segment.

2020 Audi A6 Sedan

2019 Audi A6

  • Starting price: $54,100
  • 25-27 MPG

The mesmerizing interior of the Audi and all-around performance of the car make them stand out from the crowd. Audi A6 is the best midsize luxury as it provides a turbocharged V6 engine with hybrid assist and also includes dual-screen infotainment setup. Even the best part is it provides drivers more cargo space which makes them best in sedan models and provides a unique driving experience. The inclusion of Quattro all while drive-in Audi A6 makes the user weather-friendly which makes them best in the midsize sedan segment. Audi A6 has the option of 


2019 BMW M5

  • Starting price: $102,700
  • 15-17 MPG

BMW M5 is considered as the capable family car and also the best midsize sport sedan which has turbocharged V8 and 600 hp. The BMW M5 has features for the experienced drives in which they can disable the all-wheel-drive model and back end out in the corners. This series has wonderful safety features which include blind-spot warning, collision warning, rear cross-traffic alert. One of the best thing it comes with one year free trial of Apple car play. 

2019 BMW M5 Features

The exemplary interior and tech features in M5 series which makes them high powered sport sedan car. The car has amazing luxury features such as gesture-based interference, night vision system, wireless device charging, massaging front seats and best for safety purpose 360-degree camera system. 


Do Porsche models have Turbo and GTS in their car segments?

Current models of Porsche Macan do not contain these but upcoming models in 2020 will contain Turbo and GTS.

Does VOLV0 XC 60 include safety measures that lessen the chances of accidents?

Yes, VOLVO XC 60 has covered you with safety measures of driver alert control which tends to safeguard the individual at the time of drowsiness by providing them proper audible warnings.

Does free Apple car play in BMW M5 support every application of the phone?

The Apple car plays support which is the inbuilt application of apple and is compatible with them only. It does not support any other third party application which is installed on the phone and does not have compatibility for the same.

IS ABS available in the Audi A6?

Yes, the ABS (Anti-lock braking system )is available in the Audi A6 which is considered as a standard safety feature. It has also other safety measures such as the traction control system, EBD, etc.