Impact of Digitization on the Automotive Industry of USA

Impact of Digitization on the Automotive Industry of USA

Digitization helps America’s economy slides up faster than ever. Not just it hands growth and development to the country, but also rose the employment and businesses. One of the main sectors that have influenced the most by this modern era’s change is the Automobile Industry.

Today, the number of people who search for cars online is way more than that of those who go for offline modes of buying a car—especially a second-hand car.

Car dealers agree that they experience a rise in car sales—be it used or new, pre-owned or certified, each of these has witnessed a visible hike in their consumption via online mediums in the preceding years.

Current Market Conditions

Brand Name Car Sales Year Change (%) Previous Year Sales
Nissan 137,362 March 2019 -5.30 145,103
Fiat 847 March 2019 -45.10 1,544
Lexus 29,849 March 2019 8.20 27,037

In the above table, you can clearly see that the majority of the makers failed to touch the last number of sales—some of the manufacturers yet somehow manage to maintain the growth. These brands are Lexus, Tesla, Honda, Kia, among others.

The USA’s states like Florida, which is also known for the advanced automotive hub of the country is among the top sales figure gainers. Its cities Orlando, Tampa are counted among the top automobile markets of the entire United States.


Modernization indeed plays a significant role in the growth of a country’s economy and overall development. The United States of America is a perfect example of it.