Amazon allows Automakers to use Alexa for Custom Voice Assistants

Amazon allows Automakers to use Alexa for Custom Voice Assistants

The largest online marketplace, Amazon has declared of bringing its Alexa Voice Assistant for the auto manufacturers. Through its Voice Assistant that is Alexa, automakers can make their own customized or digital assistant for their vehicles.  Automakers are now allowed to use Alexa voice-enabled technology.

This voice assistant of Amazon was first started by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles(FCA). The company has built its intelligent assistants with a distinct voice, wake, and skills words. Alexa custom assistant product lets automakers to create their own in-car voice assistants like BMW’s personal intelligent assistance and Mercedes’s MBUX.

Automakers can interact with the drivers for a specific product linked to the vehicle., Besides the Alexa will also regulate the temperature and follow all the work that we do with the usual Alexa. Fiat has already built some custom capabilities with the Alexa framework. 

For example, the Chrysler Pacifica minivan opens all the sliding doors by following the command of voice. There is two voice assistant system which is working constantly, One system is linked with Amazon and the other is the automaker’s Alexa Custom Assistant, which is following the queries with the correct digital helper.


The voice assistant enables intelligent assistants to build into mobile applications, smart properties, video games, and consumer electronics. This custom assistant of Alexa is inspired by the Alexa technology stack. Amazon is giving access to automakers for Alexa’s voice science experts which will also help in the recording process.

Automakers are also allowed to access pre-built capabilities like local search, communications, traffic, and navigation. FCA hasn’t listed which vehicle will get this feature yet, the company only mentioned that this technology will be built into its unconnect infotainment system and it will work as a product specialist. 

The main objective of this new product is to provide the automakers a cost-effective way of offering an intelligent assistant for their customers. The voice assistant of Amazon has proved that it can be used in various devices along with vehicles.