Advantages and Disadvantages of ABS

Advantages and Disadvantages of ABS

Anti-lock brakes help drivers to have better control of the car and also they are best when the condition of the roads is uneven. With the high tech, the ABS is also updated as it has the inclusion of sensors that help them applying pressure on all the wheels and make the vehicle-controlled.

Advantages of Anti-Lock Brakes

  • High re-sell value

The inclusion of ABS tends to raise the market value of the car or trucks. The ABS has become very common nowadays and almost available in every car which does not lower the price of the vehicle at the time of resale.

  • The high amount of Grip on road

ABS has an amazing grip on-road and also has proper control of the vehicle at the time of driving. ABS present in cars lessens the chances of slip or skid of the vehicle even in the snow too and even it saves the life of people at the times of accidents.

  • Traction Control

The addition of new technology ensures each wheel has traction on the road and it also means it has more grip on the surface. It enhances the smooth driving of cars and also it stops in the same manner.


Disadvantages of Anti-Lock Braking System

  • ABS is less affordable

The installation and repairing of ABS cost much as sensors are expensive. The sensors cost approximately hundreds of thousands of dollars and if any uncertainty it gives birth to many problems.

  • Increase in stopping time

Drivers have complained about the inconsistency in the ABS, they require more time in stopping the car due to the errors in the system. It also creates harsh or clunking noise at the time of applying the ABS brake.

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Brakes are the one thing that is most important and required at the time of driving the car and their main purpose is to slow down and stop the car.