What are Adapted/ Mobility Vehicles handicap vehicles | Wheelchair cars

What are Adapted/ Mobility Vehicles handicap vehicles | Wheelchair cars

Adapted vehicles are designed especially for people who have disabilities and can drive safely by making some modifications or customizations by adding some equipment in their vehicle according to their needs and also serves their purpose of driving.

It has been observed technology has lessened the burden for specially challenged driver and people have started using more adapted vehicles.

What are the pros and cons of mobility vehicles?

The initiation of mobility vehicles is helping people in the long run and technology is providing them more freedom towards driving.

Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of mobility vehicles


Assured Independence

Mobility vehicles assure full independence which means eliminating the dependence on family members and friends or waiting for the cab to take you around the corner. Even these vehicles can help you in millions of ways you can run errands, easily work anywhere also participate in community activities, etc.

Allowances on mileage

The leases on mobility vehicles come with the mileage allowance of 60,000 miles for three-year agreements and 100,000 miles for five-year Wheelchair Accessible vehicle agreements.

Maintenance of Wear and Tear

The maintenance cost of mobility vehicles is free of cost which covers general wear and tear, tires and windscreen of the vehicle.

No Trouble involved

Mobility vehicles ease the way of getting into the car in a fast manner. The transfer from the wheelchair to the vehicle can be crucial for your muscles. The process of getting into a car can be a tough process that requires the use of ramp in order to get into the car. Mobility vehicles ensure convenience for people they can easily get into the car from just road.



Costs high

Acquiring a mobility vehicle is a huge expense even costs higher than the normal vehicle. These vehicles have undergone various customizations that rise up their costs as people have a different disability and modifying leads to be more expensive.

Acquire more space

Mobility vehicles have seats removed in order to make space and room for a lift and ramp which lessens the space for passengers.

What features disabled people look at the time of buying a car?

Buying a mobility vehicle means looking for all the needs of the person which serves their purpose in the long run. The purchasing of cars for disabled persons requires considering a few features which will enhance their driving experience also eliminates any sort of hurdles on the road.

Control knobs

Controls play an important part which should be easy to use or in other words user-friendly and bigger. The infotainment system and the display screen will be like icing on the cake as they are easy to use.

Windows and Locks

These should be automatic not they have to use their hand in order to up and down the windows.

Keyless Entry

The keyless entry will ease the thing for the disabled person as the person can get easily into the car without putting much effort.

Automatic Transmission

The disabled person faces difficulty in driving the car with a standard transmission, the automatic transmission is a must for these persons.

Gear Control

For disabled people, automatic gear control is helpful as the shifter can be accessible without the button to get it into the park or any other gear.

Inclusion of Pedals and Cruise control

The adjustments in pedals and cruise control ease the driving and smoothen the experience in the long haul.


Customization in Hand Pedal Control

Hand pedal control doesn’t undergo major changes and modifications than wheelchair ramps and lifts. There are chances when you can remove these controls and transfer them to another vehicle with lesser effort.

Wheelchair lifts and Ramps

The installation of these lifts and ramps is a bit of a complex process as it goes under various modifications in order to fit the wheelchair. The installation lowers the floor and raises the ceiling which makes it easier for loading and unloading purposes.