2021 Honda Civic Ends Manual Transmission

2021 Honda Civic Ends Manual Transmission

Various auto manufacturers are now converting their cars from a manual transmission to automatic. Honda company is one of the few auto manufacturers that we’re offering a manual transmission in cars. But now, the scenario has changed people are moving towards automatic and because of this Honda company changes its mind. Now, Honda is going to launch it’s Honda Civic 2021 without any manual transmission. This upcoming sedan has dropped the manual gearbox for an all automatic lineup. Apart from America, this manual feature will also be going to be discontinued in Canada. There will be a few lists of the hatchback that include the low-volume Type-R, with a choice of a manual transmission.


The civic 2021 hatchback is going to continue the sale of a six-speed manual unit in several variants. The on-board computers are going to take all the responsibilities of transmission duties for all variants of the 2021 sedan.

This 2021 Civic Sedan is available in five trim levels that include LX, Sport, EX, EX-L, and Touring. Before this, the six-speed manual was going to present in Civic Sport but the company changed its mind.


If you still want Civic Sedan in manual transmission then you can opt for LX and sport trim for the year 2020. The price is also reasonable. The base price of Civic Sedan 2021 has also increased, they have added $250 more before the price was $21,755 but now it is $22,005 with an automatic. The civic Si is on hold now for the year2021. Both models of sedan Si and Type R are standard comes with a manual gearbox. The EX, EX-L, and touring variants offer 174-hp 1.5-liter turbo-four mated to CVT.


Honda is taking a chance for the next year and experimenting with the customer’s needs, the company is claiming for the best offers and carrying the burden of people’s expectations. Let’s see this huge action of Honda with 10th generation Civic Sedan is worth for the future of manuals or not Now, get ready for the 2022 sedan Honda is going to launch all-new civic for 11th generation.